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2010: The Most Boring Year of the Decade

As 2010 draws to a close, for my final long post of the year, I want to talk about how 2010 was the most boring, ho-hum year of the decade.

In 2008, politics was exciting. In 2009, we were excited as we waited for the hope and change. In 2010, we realized it wasn't coming. The reality is President Obama is not that exciting a personality. He's far too normal. He doesn't fall down and make us laugh like Gerald Ford. He doesn't reek Hollywood like Ronald Reagan, and Mrs. Obama doesn't rely on astrologers and silly slogans like "Just Say No" as did Nancy Reagan to keep us snickering in amusement.

Bush I was boring too. It was like having a caricature of the white Protestant Male from the yacht club for President. But, it was still the 80's, so he doesn't count in this competition. [More...]

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Sen. Dodd and Byron Dorgan To Retire

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is retiring. So is Sen. Byron Dorgan. And Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter.

I think CT's seat is safe with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal the likely Democratic candidate. Colorado will be safe, with numerous candidates that can beat Scott McInnis. Dorgan's seat I haven't followed, so I don't know.

I'd call it more a re-arranging of the deck chairs that ends up keeping the ship afloat than a sign the Dems are capitulating on 2010.

In other words, I'm not worried. What am I missing?

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