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Sanders' Speech: "The Struggle Continues"

Update: 12:00 am: Unbelievable. He's going to fight for every vote in Washington DC's primary next week and keep fighting until Philadelphia. He was not even gracious enough to acknowledge Hillary has won the delegate votes necessary for the nomination. When he did mention that she called him tonight to congratulate him on how well he's done, his supporters booed at the mention of her name. He didn't stop them.

Update 11:43 pm. Here's Bernie finally, fist raised. Smiling. The rally music is Power to the People and Talking About a Revolution. He tells everyone they are part of the political revolution. He's recapping his campaign accomplishments- touting his 10 million votes and the support of "young people." He's optimistic about the future of the country. There he goes -- acting like he invented social justice, economic justice, environmental justice. His young fans love it.

He says we will not allow right wing Republicans like Donald Trump dictate our future. The American people will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry. Who insults Mexicans, Muslims and African Americans. We will not allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States. But wait, here it comes: "Our mission is more than defeating Trump, it is transforming our country." [More...]

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Bernie's California Timetable

According to this Yahoo News article, Bernie Sanders gave the clear impression today his campaign will only last through the California primary, not to the convention. On ABC's This Week:

“We intend to take the fight all the way to California,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” “so people throughout this country have a right to determine who they want as president and what kind of agenda they want for the Democratic Party.”

On Meet the Press:

“We are in this race. We are not writing our obituary. We’re in this race to California,” he said, before letting a tense change slip. “And we’re proud of the campaign we ran.”

He still thinks he can win. And in case there was still any doubt, he's not catering to Democrats [More...]

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Sanders Headlines vs. Clinton Headlines

The effect of Saturday's caucus and primary voting in WA, Alaska and Hawaii varies depending on the media source.

Those influenced by Sanders' peeps (shorthand for people)claim the results mattered. This Associated Press news article disagrees.

After noting that Hillary didn't expect to win in Washington, Hawaii or Alaska, and thus didn't spend any resources there, it reports Hillary retains a substantial delegate lead, which when added to super-delegate votes, makes it very, very tough for Bernie to have a chance at winning.


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Bernie and a Political Revolution

From Woodstock in 1969 to New Hampshire today... calls for revolution are always popular with the young. But as those of us who are no longer young can attest, we are still waiting for that revolution. And we'll still be waiting in 2020.

I'd rather elect someone who can get things done than someone who promises yet another pie in the sky. I'm way too jaded to believe in Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Especially when Lucy is 75 years old and has far fewer political accomplishments than his opponent. A stalled Congress is just not my idea of how to kick off a revolution. (If elected, Sanders will be 76 when he takes office. If you're 50 or younger, you might not see the difference between 68 and 75. But I suspect anyone who has observed their parents' failing health or mental decline at age 75, or who is that age, will say differently. I wish it were different, but 75 is just not the new 55.)

It will surprise no one if New Hampshire goes for Bernie Sanders, given its proximity to Vermont and the large number of independent voters who are allowed to vote in either primary. But far more important will be Super Tuesday in early March and the large states, particularly those with a lot of minority voters. [More...]

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The State of the Democratic Race: You Be the Media

Everybody has an opinion on the Democratic race for President, particularly those in the media. Outside of statistical polling, how does the media measure the public's subjective impression of the candidates? They don't and can't. They shouldn't even try. But it's futile to try and stop them. Or even to get the media to distinguish between presenting rank opinion and fact. The two have essentially merged.

Example today, from Slate, which I only came across because it was at the top of my Google News list. The article emphatically reports that Hillary won the debate last night. I may subjectively agree, but I have to question whether that is a fact or some writer's opinion. And if it's opinion, why is it leading the Google news section? [More...]

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Sanders Sues DNC, Case Settled, Dems to Debate in NH

Here's the complaint Bernie Sanders' campaign filed in federal court against the DNC for suspending its access to public voter data. The case was quickly resolved. What the ruckus was about:

The suit came shortly after campaign manager Jeff Weaver acknowledged at a Washington news conference that Sanders staffers had improperly reviewed information gathered by rival Hillary Clinton earlier in the week. But he accused the DNC of over­reacting to the breach by suspending the Sanders campaign’s ability to access the computer system containing information about Democratic-leaning voters, including data the campaign has gathered about its own supporters.

The Dems will debate tonight in New Hampshire. What should Hillary say about Sanders' data breach and the DNC's response?

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