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Bratton Resigns From NYPD

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has resigned. He was expected to announce he would not seek a second term, but the resignation, effective next month, was a surprise to most. NYPD Chief of Department James O'Neill will take over as interim chief.

Bratton previously served as New York Police Commissioner under Rudy Giulani from 1994 to 1996, and is credited with the "broken windows" theory of policing (with which I have never agreed.)

I have not followed events involving Commissioner Bratton since he returned to New York. I do remember when he became Police Commissioner of Los Angeles in 2002 since I was attended his swearing-in, along with two other defense lawyer pals. We were invited because we all are friends with his wife, former criminal defense attorney turned TV host and legal analyst, Rikki Klieman). I wrote a long post on it and the parties afterwards here.

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NYPD Chief Bratton Outlines New Police Training

NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton today appeared before the City Council and outlined changes for the city's police force:

On Monday, Mr. Bratton, surrounded by much of his top leadership, delved into the details of his plan. Every officer would go through a three-day retraining course, on how to talk to an “uncooperative person” in a way that does not escalate into a physical conflict; how to subdue a suspect if the encounter does escalate or if a suspect resists arrest; and how to be sensitive to cultural differences. It would also include a leadership workshop called Blue Courage.

Mr. Bratton said that officers would be expected to retrain regularly in these techniques, as they do with the use of firearms, and that the course would most likely evolve over time.

Bratton also acknowledged the problems with excessive force: [More...]

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Bill Bratton to Serve Again as NY Police Commissioner

New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced that William Bratton will again serve as police commissioner.

He replaces Raymond Kelly, who served since 2002.

Good move by de Blasio. Bill is a strong believer in constitutional rights. I attended his swearing-in ceremony in Los Angeles in 2002 -- here's my report.

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LAPD Chief Bill Bratton Resigning, Taking Job in Private Sector

After 7 years as L.A. Police Chief, Bill Bratton today announced he's stepping down in October to take a job with a private security firm.

Bratton will "reunite" with Michael Cherkasky. Cherkasky and Bratton have been close associates. Before becoming chief, Bratton worked as a consultant for Cherkasky, advising governments in several countries on how to reform and build modern police forces.

Cherkasky runs a company called Altegrity. [More...]

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LA Police Chief Bill Bratton May Get Third Term

Los Angeles is weighing an exemption from term limits for Police Chief Bill Bratton.

Removing the terms limits would require voter approval and revise one aspect of the police reforms that stemmed from the 1991 beating of Rodney G. King, which sparked riots when four LAPD officers were initially acquitted of brutality. Those reforms limited the police chief to two five-year terms.

I was at Chief Bratton's first swearing-in ceremony in 2002.(One of the cops providing security was 1960's singer Bobby Sherman -- here's a picture of my pal Mickey Sherman (no relation) and me with him.)

All of my coverage of Chief Bratton's tenure as LA Police Chief is here. I hope he gets another term.

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LA Police Chief Bill Bratton Endorses Gay Marriage

L.A. Police Chief Bill Bratton and his wife Rikki Klieman (former Court TV anchor and a good friend of mine) have pulled out their checkbook and donated to the group fighting the effort to ban gay marriage on the November ballot in California.
"The Constitution guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Bratton said this week. "I see no reason why gays can't pursue happiness through marriage."
The donation came about when their friends, celebrity publicist Howard Bragman and his longtime partner, Chuck O'Donnell, told them they were getting married. Bill and Rikki asked what they'd like as a gift.
Bragman was direct: No gifts -- instead, make a donation to Equality California to help stop Prop. 8. And please make it public.
All of TalkLeft's coverage of Bill Bratton is assembled here. In 2002, I attended his swearing in ceremony in L.A. and wrote this lengthy report.

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LA Skid Row Searches Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled police skid row searches unconstitutional:

U.S. District Judge Dean D. Pregerson found that officers question — and at times search — parolees and probationers without evidence that they might have committed a crime, which the judge said was unconstitutional. He ordered the LAPD to change its practices.

This is the second victory for those on skid row:

A federal appeals court last year found the city's anti-camping ordinance to be unconstitutional, scuttling LAPD efforts to prevent the homeless from sleeping on downtown sidewalks at night.

TChris reported on that here.


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