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China Cancels Bon Jovi Shows

Bon Jovi was scheduled to play its first concerts in China next week -- in Shanghai and Bejing. Yesterday, the band announced the concerts were cancelled for "unforeseen reasons." The Financial Times reports it was because the backdrop to one of the band's songs at a 2010 concert included the image of the Dalai Lama.

Seriously? That has to be the song "We Weren't Born to Follow", which as I've written several times (see here for one), is one of my favorite all time videos. I've probably watched it 100 times and I've seen the band perform it twice, in 2010 and 2013. It is both inspirational and empowering.

While Dalai Lama is not shown in the official video, the band did include his image when performing the song live during its 2010 Circle Tour. Here is an image from the performance in Tokyo. [More...]

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Bon Jovi Denver Wrap-Up

Bon Jovi lived up to all expectations and then some. Our seats were great. Here's some photos the TL kid took:


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One More Day, Bon Jovi in Denver

If anyone besides me was worried that the big snowstorm Denver is getting today and tomorrow will interfere with Bon Jovi's arrival for tomorrow night's show, you can rest easy. Phil X (the terrific guitarist who is taking Richie Sambora's place on this leg of the tour) tweeted this photo last night at 10:45 p.m. after their Des Moines show. They were on the plane, waiting for takeoff, Ketel One and Pelegrino bottles already out.

36 hours and counting. [More...]

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Charges Dropped Against Bon Jovi's Daughter After Heroin Overdose

Bump and Update 11/15/12 : The DA has dropped criminal charges against John Bon Jovi's daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, and another student because of New York's Good Samaritan law.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said he was dismissing the charges against both students. Under state law, someone having a drug overdose or seeking help for an overdose victim can't be prosecuted for having a small amount of heroin or any amount of marijuana.

Original Post 11/14/12:

Sending good thoughts to the Bon Jovi family and daughter Stephanie Bongiovi, 19, who was charged with heroin possession after being found unresponsive in her dorm room at Hamilton College in New York Wednesday. Another student was also charged.

Ms. Bongiovi is alive because someone called for help. If people fear arrest, they are less likely to call 911. That's why New York and several other states have enacted a Good Samaritan law. Arrest and charges send the wrong message in these circumstances. [More...]

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Obama Brings Out Bon Jovi

One advantage Democrats have over Republicans: They get the most popular musicians to perform at campaign rallies, while Republicans get requests from musicians to stop using their music.

Bon Jovi will be performing at at two free early voting events for Obama in Iowa this week. Both will be acoustical performances. On Sunday, Bon Jovi will join Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, and Earth, Wind and Fire at a concert in Los Angeles.

Politicians give back too. Check out Al Gore's rousing introduction of Bon Jovi at the 2007 Live Earth concert. The Live Earth concert is my favorite Bon Jovi performance, you can watch 20 minutes of it here. [More....]

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Bon Jovi Opens "Pay What You Can" JBJ Soul Kitchen,

Bon Jovi has opened his "pay what you can" JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, N.J. The menus offer upscale, gourmet food with no prices listed. Instead, an envelope is left on the table where diners can leave any amount, or nothing.

"This is not a soup kitchen," [Bon Jovi] emphasizes. "You can come here with the dignity of linens and silver, and you're served a healthy, nutritious meal. This is not burgers and fries.... If you can't afford to eat, you can bus tables, you can wait tables, you can work in the kitchen as a dishwasher or sous chef," he said.

...."If you come in and say, 'I'm hungry,' we'll feed you," Bon Jovi said. "But we're going to need you to do something. It's very important to what we're trying to achieve....This is not an entitlement thing......This is about empowering people because you have to earn that gift certificate.""

The restaurant's website is here. The details are here.

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Bon Jovi To Help Hillary Reduce Campaign Debt

Time is running out to help Hillary Clinton retire her campaign debt. Once she becomes Secretary of State, she can no longer solicit contributions. Bon Jovi is coming to her aid.

The final note of Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign may very well be sung by Jon Bon Jovi. The musician is performing at a fundraiser for the former presidential candidate as she tries to close out her campaign debt, which stood at $6.3 million as of last month.

The Jan. 15 performance at Manhattan's Town Hall is being billed as "a final evening in support of Hillary Clinton for President Debt Relief." Ticket prices range from $75 to $1,000.

I hope they stream it live in exchange for contributions from viewers. I'd pay to watch. As I've said before, he's got one of the best faces in rock, I could watch it for hours. And if it would help Hillary, all the better.

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