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Breaking Bad: "Guess I Got What I Deserved"

Stop reading now if you haven't seen the finale.

What a great finale. No loose ends. [More...]

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Sunday Night Open Thread

Who is the rabid dog, Jesse or Hank?

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Breaking Bad Finale Update: The Season of Gus Fring

[Warning: Spoilers ahead, don't read until after you've watched the finale.]

Series Creator Vince Gilligan explains last night's finale of Breaking Bad in a must-read article in the New York Times.

My predictions on the finale were wrong. It turns out: [More..]

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Breaking Bad Finale: The OMG Moments

Update: My review of tonight's finale is here. Almost all my predictions were wrong.

Only 10 minutes until the season finale of Breaking Bad. It's airing at the same time on the East Coast and in Central and Mountain Time zones. Only the west coast has to wait. So if you are on the west coast, don't read the comments here until after you have seen the show.

Will it live up to expectations with OMG moments that leave us on the edge of our seats and a final screen shot that renders us speechless? I'll recap when the show is over. [More...]

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Breaking Bad Finale: Who Survives?

Update: Almost all my predictions below were wrong. My recap of the finale and thoughts on next season are here. But don't read until after you've watched the show.

I've read 100 predictions of tonight's season finale for Breaking Bad. The only thing everyone seems to agree on, including blogs, message boards and the MSM, is that nobody knows. [More...]

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"Breaking Bad": Gus Shines in Flashback Episode

Last night's episode of "Breaking Bad" was probably the best one yet. The mysterious past of Gus Fring begins to emerge. He left Chile for Mexico in 1986, but there's no record of him since. In the three years he was in Mexico, the cartel considered him dangerous but untouchable. [More...]

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"Breaking Bad" Season 4 Premieres: Better Than Ever

Even if you never watched Seasons 1-3, don't miss tonight's premiere of AMC's Breaking Bad, Season 4. (8 PM, Denver Time) It's the best show on television. Here's a review (no spoilers) of tonight's episode, The Box Cutter. The author says: "Every note of these opening episodes is pitch perfect, building a slow crescendo of what looks to be an impressively strong season."

While you're waiting, check out Nerve.com's clip of the best lines of "Better Call Saul", the show's sleazy defense lawyer.

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"Breaking Bad" Bryan Cranston's New Web Video Series

Bryan Cranston, the Emmy Award winning lead on AMC's "Breaking Bad" (where he plays a high school chemistry teacher who runs a meth lab while in remission from cancer) has a new series, available only on the web, called "The Handlers."

He plays a well-meaning politician running for state senate, who gets some really wacky advice from his incompetent handlers. The segments are only 3 minutes, and they are really funny. There will be 8 episodes in all, available on Atom TV. Here are the first two:


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Overnight Open Thread: Breaking Bad Music

As I said earlier, I turned off the Emmys after the Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston won for Breaking Bad, my favorite show this year. That made my Emmy night.

I've got jails aplenty to visit tommorrow, so in case I won't be around to put up a morning thread, here's one for you , all topics welcome.

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