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Chandra Levy's Parents Want Life , Not Death as Penalty for Murder

The AP reports Robert Levy, in discussing the imminent arrest of a suspect in the murder of his daughter Chandra Levy, says:

Robert Levy said he and his wife, Susan, were not told the identity of the person to be arrested "but we all know who it is." He would not elaborate but said they would favor a life sentence for the killer.

"If someone is executed, they really don't suffer too much," he said.

Here are some other reasons, in their own words, family members of other murder victims have for opposing the death penalty.

[Note to the AP: The man about to be arrested may or may not be the killer of Chandra. While it's apparent that Mr. Levy would oppose the death penalty for whoever the killer is, this article can be read to imply the suspect is the killer. Future editions should make that clear.]

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Chandra Levy Forensic Dream Team Formed

Talk about forensic power--the country's three most famous forensic experts in homicides have joined forces to determine who killed Chandra Levy.

That's right, Henry Lee, Michael Baden and Cyril Wecht.

Billy Martin, Levy Family lawyer made the announcement today. The trio examined Levy's remains at the District of Columbia medical examiner's office, and went to Rock Creek Park where the remains were found May 22.

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