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Denver Blizzard Update

It is a freaking mess out here. This blizzard looks to be worst than the last one. And it's only just begun.

The airport is already in chaos:

Lines are already hundreds deep and airlines have canceled some flights as a result of the winter storm that began to dump snow on the Front Range this morning. Snow started falling in downtown Denver shortly before 10:30 a.m. and may fall at a rate of up to 2 inches an hour. Between 8 and 18 inches will be piling up on the ground. A couple of feet can be expected in the foothills as the storm pulses into Friday and even Saturday.

More on the aiport situation here. Frontier is being particularly hit hard. If you're driving, here are the current road conditions.

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Denver Airport Closed Until Noon Friday

[Update: Thanks to our good friend Skippy for the great photo. Check out his post on the blizzard, and Cookie Jill found this site of Colorado webcams.]

Wow. I really feel for all those people stuck in the aiport for two days or more. The Denver Airport just announced it won't reopen until noon on Friday.

My blizzard pictures are here. I'm just about to venture out -- on foot. Forget about driving anywhere.

There are lots of people and their dogs in the street, it's still snowing, and I can't open my balcony door so I'm getting a little bit of cabin fever. (Check the difference from when the blizzard was only hours old.)

See you later. I hope to have more pictures upon my return.

Update: I'm back and have updated the pictures with street scenes. I was way overdressed, it's not cold out. The main streets (all the one way streets near downtown, in Uptown and Capitol Hill) are plowed. Lots of people are driving.

The biggest action was at...the liquor store!

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