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Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: Put a Sock in It

While I was gone last week, the judge announced the verdict in the "face slashing" trial of NY Senator Hiram Monserrate. (Background here.) Congrats to his lawyer, Joe Tacopina: it was not guilty on all felony counts, guilty only of the misdemeanor assault charge relating to the manner in which Monserrate forced his girlfriend out of the building to get her into the car to go to the hospital.

So, the state failed to prove Monserrate purposefully struck his girlfriend with a glass, broken or otherwise, or intended to hurt her. That hasn't stopped the domestic violence crowd from insisting Monserrate is an abuser and calling for his resignation from the Senate. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who's running for a third term for which he's invested $64 million so far, now adds his voice, calling Monserrate's actions "disgraceful, despicable, deplorable." I guess he thinks Monserrate should have left her on the floor bleeding instead of insisting she get medical care. What a cheap vote-getting ploy.

Tacopina responds politely, "...suggest[ing] Bloomberg is "another example of a politician speaking out without having a base of knowledge about the facts of the case or the law." I'll be less polite: The mayor should shut up. [More...]

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Hiram Monserrate Trial: Defense Rests

The defense has rested in the trial to the court of New York state senator Hiram Monserrate, charged with assaulting his girlfriend with a broken glass, causing her to get 20 facial stitches. Monserrate, as is his right, did not testify. (Background on case here and here, on waiving jury here.)

The Judge threw out two charges after the prosecution rested. [More..]

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State Sen. Monserrate Waives Jury for Trial in Alleged Assault Case

Over the weekend, I wrote about the trial New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate, accusing of assaulting his girlfriend with broken glass. Jury selection was to begin today. Monserrate has turned down a misdemeanor plea, and he and his girlfriend maintain the incident was an accident. (Which provoked some strong responses in the comments section.) Background on the case is here.

This morning, Monserrate's attorney waived the jury and trial will begin next week to the Court.

Joe Tacopina, Monserrate's attorney (disclosure: he's also a good friend) says he believes the judge can be fair. The NY Times reports Joe said " a jury consultant and polls had convinced the defense that Mr. Monserrate could not get a fair trial before a jury anywhere in the state." He also, according to the Daily News, noted the jury would have had to walk past a gathering of domestic violence protesters every day. Today, one held a sign with a rat featuring Monserrate's head on top. After court, Joe said:[More...]

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State Sen. Monserrate Trial Begins Monday

Good luck, Joe! That's to my pal Joe Tacopina who is defending NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate against some ugly charges -- the state alleges he slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass. Trial begins Monday.

Monserrate has turned down a misdemeanor plea deal, which would have allowed him to plead to reckless assault and keep his Senate seat. Why? Joe says he's innocent. (My earlier post on the case is here.)[More...]


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