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Jerry Sandusky Convicted on 45 of 48 Counts, Bail Revoked

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of 45 of 48 counts. He was not guilty of assault on victim 2 (McQueary count), Victim 5 and Victim 6.

He was remanded into custody immediately. He didn't display any emotion. Some of the counts have a 10 year mandatory minimum. Sentencing will be in 90 days. NBC says he will be sentenced to at least 60 years, an effective life sentence.

The cheering by the mob outside the courthouse was disgusting to watch. Do they think this is a football game?

His lawyer said earlier he would be shocked by an acquittal and the atmosphere at the Sandusky residence is like a funeral home.

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Nine Jurors Picked for Jerry Sandusky Trial

Nine jurors were picked this morning for the trial of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, charged with sexual abuse of minor boys.

Here's a summary of the key players. Here's a summary of the charges and victims.

Testimony is expected to begin next week. Reporters may not tweet or use electronic devices from the courtroom and the alleged victims will have to testify using their real names.

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AG Provides Details of Jerry Sandusky's Alleged Sexual Assaults

The Attorney General for Pennyslvania filed a Bill of Particulars yesterday in the criminal case against Jerry Sandusky. It provides the ages of the ten alleged victims at the time of the alleged assaults (the youngest was 8) and the locations where they took place.

Eight of the ten alleged victims were abused on Penn State’s campus, including five in the Lasch Football Building.

More details here. You can read the actual document here.

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PA AG Seeks Exclusion of Centre County Jurors for Sandusky

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has asked the court to empanel jurors from outside Centre County for the Jerry Sandusky trial. It says, in addition to pre-trial publicity, the Penn State Community and Centre County are "philosophically and economically” intertwined."

Sandusky's lawyer says he will fight the motion.

“Jerry’s case has drawn national attention, as a result of which we feel there’s no better place than Centre County from which to select fair-minded individuals to sit as jurors in Jerry’s case,” Amendola said. “We will vehemently oppose the commonwealth’s motion for a change of venire.”

In other words, the state wants to keep the trial in Centre County, but import jurors from other counties to decide the case. The judge will decide on Feb. 8.

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Trial Ordered for Penn State Officials on Sandusky Perjury Charges

A state court in Pennsylvania held a preliminary hearing today for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the two Penn State officals charged with perjury before the grand jury investigating sexual assault allegations against Jerry Sandusky and failing to report child abuse.

Mike McQueary testified, and Joe Paterno's grand jury testimony was read into the record, as was that of the two officials.

Other witnesses were Thomas Harmon, a former director of Penn State's university police and John McQueary, Mr. McQueary's father.

The court found there was probable cause the officials committed the charged crimes and they were bound over for trial. [More...]

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Jerry Sandusky Waives Preliminary Hearing, Media Disappointed

Jerry Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing today. Some lawyers (ex-prosecutors mostly) are criticizing the move, saying he gave up the ability to get the alleged victims' versions on the record and under oath now, which would be valuable at trial for impeachment if they change their version of events.

Personally, I think it was an okay move and the least damaging to Sandusky in the long run. Had the hearing proceeded, the media would have continually reported the most sensational allegations over and over. By the time of trial, the odds of finding unbiased jurors would be even more unlikely than they are now. [More...]

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Jerry Sandusky Prelim: Media Will Live Tweet From Court

The media is giddy with excitement over the Jerry Sandusky preliminary hearing tomorrow. The Court decided to allow live-tweeting for real-time coverage.

Sandusky's lawyer says no plea deal is in the works. Some of the alleged victims will testify.

Also not having a great week: Joe Paterno, who broke his pelvis in a fall yesterday.

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Jerry Sandusky Arrested Again, Additional Charges

Two additional alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky have testified before a grand jury in Pennsylvania, resulting in new charges being filed today and Jerry Sandusky's arrest. The complaint is here. The new grand jury presentment is here. The press release from the Attorney General's office is here. [More...]

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Louis Freeh to Head Penn State Investigation

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh will lead the independent sexual abuse investigation into Penn State.

At a news conference, Freeh stressed it is not a criminal investigation. If they uncover what they believe to be criminal acts, they will notify authorities and let them deal with it.

Freeh said the investigation might extend back to 1975, two years before Jerry Sandusky started Second Mile.

Freeh was chosen because of his background in child sex abuse cases and his lack of connection to Penn State and Pennsylvania.

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Questions About Sandusky's Legal Strategy

There's plenty of criticism over the strategy of allowing Jerry Sandusky to be interviewed by Bob Costas last night. Legal observers almost universally have declared it a flop. Apparently, the interview was scheduled just with Sandusky's attorney, but his attorney decided 15 minutes before it began to make his client available.

Today, Sandusky's lawyer was on the Today show. He put forth this reasoning: [More..]

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Sandusky Proclaims Innocence to NBC News, Regrets Showers

Jerry Sandusky was interviewed on the telephone by Bob Costas of NBC News. He says he's not a pedophile and he's innocent of criminal conduct. Asked if there is anything he did wrong, he said:

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

Did Costas catch him off-guard or was it a planned interview? The interview will air tonight on NBC's Rock Center, at 10 pm ET. This is the same show the Chelsea Clinton has been hired on. It's a new show hosted by Brian Williams that began airing around two weeks ago.

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