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Jesse Jackson, Jr., Informant or Tattler?

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been providing the U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago with information about alleged bribes by Rod Blagojevich and details of meetings for months. Some call him an informant. Jackson rejects the label.

I would ask this: If Jackson, Jr. went to the feds to report what he perceived to be a personal bribe by Blagojevich -- a scheme in which Jackson believed himself to be a victim -- is that informing or reporting a crime?

Ratting and snitching are done for personal benefit -- either money or rewards of leniency for one's own misdeeds or for promises to lay off family members. Reporting a crime you witness, without needing, asking for or receiving any personal gain in exchange for the information doesn't seem to fit the label.

Snitching and ratting are bad. I don't think any site attacks the practice of Government purchased testimony from informants, snitches and rats more than TalkLeft. But... [More...]

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Jesse Jackson, Sr. Denies Being Emissary for His Son

Jesse Jackson, Sr. today denied he was the "emmissary" named in the Blagojevich complaint.

He flew to Chicago today and is expected to be interviewed by the FBI tomorrow or Saturday. The critical conversation: [More...]

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