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Snowden Flies to Russia, and Then?

Update: Ecuador announces it has received an asylum request for Snowden.

Update: There are reports that Snowden, whose plane arrived in Moscow, will spend the night at the Venezuelan embassy in Moscow or at the Sheremetyevo airport and then fly to Cuba, and then to Caracas. (Source article here.) Wikileaks says it is assisting with his travel arrangements.

The U.S. got a bit of a kick in the pants Sunday as Hong Kong said the paperwork it submitted for Edward Snowden's detention pending extradition did not comply with Hong Kong law. To rub it in, Hong Kong said it asked for more information but didn't receive it. So, Hong Kong said, it had no legal reason to insist Snowden stay in Hong Kong or arrest him.

Snowden left Hong Kong on a commercial flight to Russia, just like any other traveler. But Russia's just a place to change planes to a third country. The South China post surmises Iceland or Ecquador will be his final destination. [More..]

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