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"Live Earth" Concert Rocks the World

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Friday 8:00 pm MT: The Live Earth concert has begun in Australia. Blue King Brown is up, to be followed by Toni Collette. News coverage here.

You can watch all the concerts here.

Next up is Japan at 3:00 GMT and then China at 11:00 GMT.

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The internet connection seems jumpy, maybe it's just mine. Television listings are here.

Update: 7:00 a.m. MT: You can now watch on Sundance and Bravo. The end of the Sydney concert was strange. Crowded House was on but there was no light on stage or in the audience, they were singing in the dark. Sundance just changed coverage to London Hamburg. There are almost no chirons so its difficult to tell where they are or who's playing if you don't know.


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