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George Zimmerman's Credibility

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Despite his lawyer's statement that George Zimmerman has some repair work to do on his credibility, I'm even less convinced than I was before that Zimmerman's credibility should be affected by the matters presented in the state's motion to revoke bond or the judge's order revoking bond.

Neither alleged George Zimmerman lied. They allege he was deceitful through his silence. I think why he was silent needs to be examined, and in examining it, I can't quite decipher what his lawyer, Mark O'Mara is saying: Is he falling on his sword because Zimmerman deceitful to him and the Court, or is he acknowledging his own missteps for failing to properly inform Zimmerman and by extension, his wife?

Here is the full docket in the case, and here are the publicly released pleadings. The State's Motion to Revoke Bond is here. The transcript of his wife's testimony at the April 20th bond hearing which the state is relying on is here. The audio of the June 1 hearing revoking bond is here. The video of the Judge's ruling on June 1 is here. [More...]

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