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Colorado's State Convention Held Saturday, Udall Nominated for Senate

Colorado held its state convention Saturday in Colorado Springs. By all accounts, it was chaotic, disorganized and not a pleasant experience. Obama supporters booed Terry McCauliffe. Even though Barack Obama handily won the caucuses, the Denver Post reports that half of the 6,000 in attendance were Hillary supporters.

The good news coming out of it was that Rep. Mark Udall was nominated for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Wayne Allard.

You can read my post on the convention at 5280 here. I quote some of the local bloggers. The sexism again runs rampant in their accounts.

[McCauliffe] closed with we have 2 great candidates, but we need to elect Hillary because she has a uterus. Repeated again that the primary will be over in 2 weeks. And once again that Colorado is the greatest state in the country. I don’t know how this guy every got to be chair of the DNC. It definitely was not for his speech-writing or presentation skills. Thank god it’s over. Wellington Webb was much much better.

Another blogger wrote that the chaos boded ill for the DNC in August. I disagree. [More...]

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Introducing the SquareState Small Donor Committee

Act Blue has gotten into state races in the last year, but they hadn't come to Colorado yet for one simple reason.  Legally, Act Blue can't operate on a state level in Colorado as current law prohibits an intermediary transfer of funds.  So, I created what's known in Colorado as a Small Donor Committee.  In the works for almost a year, finally the i's are all dotted; the t's are all crossed.  The SquareState Small Donor Committee is here.

We've done pontificating, pointed out the failed policies of the extreme right wing, mobilized voters, coordinated grassroots action, and even fundraised for federal races.  It's time to help those local candidates we want to see in office in our somewhat square state.  Let's show (current CO-GOP chair)Dick Wadhams that this isn't the same state the last time he was here.  All the progress made in the last few years, we're just getting started.

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Sen. Wayne Allard to Retire, Here's to Mark Udall

Colorado Senator Wayne Allard, a Republican, announced today he will keep his term-limits pledge made before the 2002 election and step down in 2008. He said it's a matter of integrity.

"The people of Colorado placed their trust in me based on a promise I made to them and I am honoring that promise. In an age when promises are cast away as quickly as yesterday’s newspaper, I believe a promise made should be a promise kept."

Rep. Tom Tancredo, who in the past indicated his interest in the seat, should Allard retire, has repeatedly breached a similar term-limits pledge to Colorado voters. What does that say about his integrity?

It probably doesn't matter much, as Tancredo is off to Iowa to gauge interest in Presidential run which his spokesman admits would not be launched for the intent of winning, just to raise attention to what seems to be his main purpose as a politician, kicking undocumented residents out of the U.S. Today he said he's not interested in the Senate seat.

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