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Announcement Tomorrow: No Michigan Revote

Howard Dean and the Michigan Democratic party will put out a statement tomorrow that there will be no revote in Michigan.

In order for the delegates to be seated, the campaigns will have to agree on how to apportion those from the January primary.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton supported holding a second election so the delegates could be seated, but rival Barack Obama feared problems.

....In the statement, they’re expected to say the DNC is committed to seating Michigan’s delegates at this summer’s convention as long as any agreement is supported by the party’s two presidential contenders.

As to the candidate's proposals:

The Obama campaign has called for splitting the delegates 50-50, regardless of Clinton’s Jan. 15 win. The Clinton campaign so far has rejected that idea.

Delegates to the state convention will be chosen April 19. Michigan has 128 pledged delegates and 28 superdelegates.

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MI Exit Poll Rumors: Mittster Winning

National Review:

I'm surprised no one else has put this up yet. I'm hearing the first round of exit polls have Romney 35, McCain 29, Huckabee 15, Ron Paul 10, Giuliani 4. This doesn't count absentee ballots.

Will Rudy be invited to the next debate?

Update (TL): Early Exit poll results here.

Fox News says it will be a good night for Romney if low turnout holds for Independents.

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