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8 Years Later, Mohammed Jawad Returns to Afghanistan From Guantanamo

Mohammed Jawad (smiling, on the left) seized as a young teenager in Afghanistan 8 years ago, and sent to Guantanamo in 2003, has arrived home in Afghanistan. The DOJ's paltry announcement is here. From the Herald article:

Mohammed Jawad, whose confession to throwing a hand grenade that wounded two U.S. soldiers was rejected as coerced by torture, was taken by helicopter into Kabul from Bagram Air Base and taken to the office of the Afghan attorney general. A former defense attorney, U.S. Marine Corps Maj, Eric Montalvo, said Jawad would meet with President Hamid Karzai and would then be released to an uncle.


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Judge Grants Mohammed Jawad's Habeas Petition, Orders Release

Bump and Update: The Judge in has granted Mohammed Jawad's habeas petition and ordered his release from Guantanamo and return to Afghanistan. The Obama Administration filed a proposed Writ of Habeas Corpus (pdf)last night agreeing to Mohammed Jawad's release in 22 days. The order the judge signed today is here. The ACLU's statement is here.

Does this mean they are giving up? It doesn't sound like it:

"We have informed the judge in this case that we will not contest the writ of habeas corpus and that we are not detaining Jawad in order to conduct a criminal investigation of his actions," Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said in a statement last night. "Instead, we have informed the court that there are a number of steps the government must undertake to comply with Congressional reporting requirements before any transfer can take place. In the meantime, Department prosecutors are investigating whether they can make a criminal case against Jawad, an effort that is proceeding separate and apart from his habeas case. (my emphasis)

Today, the Judge advised the Government to think long and hard before charging Jawad. [More...]

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