NYPD Documents Show Spying on Liberal Groups

The AP has released documents showing the NYPD Intelligence Division infiltrated and spied on liberal groups. Some activists are mentioned by name. The officers attended meetings, rallies and after-parties.

Here's a sample document.

More documents are available at the Associated Press website here.

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NYPD Street Stops Soar 600% Under Bloomberg

A new study by the ACLU has found New York City cops initiated street stops (aka Terry stops, stops and frisks or interrogations) 684,330 times in 2011, an increase of 600% since Bllomberg took office in 2002.

Of the stops, 90% were "completely innocent" (no arrest or summons issued) and 87% were Black or Latino.

Last year alone, the NYPD stopped enough totally innocent New Yorkers to fill Madison Square Garden more than 30 times over,” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said. “It is not a crime to walk down the street in New York City, yet every day innocent black and brown New Yorkers are turned into suspects for doing just that. It is a stunning abuse of power that undermines trust between police and the community.”


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