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Aaron Brown Criticizes News' Priorities

I agree with Aaron Brown. The priorities of cable news networks have become too skewed in favor of the sensational. With soldiers being killed overseas, our government passing more Patriot Act legislation and other laws that don't make us safer, only less free, who wants to hear about another celebrity shooting or more from Natalie Holloway's mother? I think the Holloway case is the best example right now. Why does this mother get air time night after night to talk about her missing daughter? She continues to impugn the reputation of Joran van der Sloot, who has not been charged with a crime. Now Joran is fighting back, taking to the airwaves himself. What is newsworthy about any of this?

Back to Aaron Brown:

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Natalee Holloway: Kalpoe Brothers Ordered Released

Update, 11/30/07: Kalpoe brothers ordered released again.


Update: More Here, this thread is ending.

Bump and Update: 7/4/05 1:55 pm. The Judge has ordered the release of the Kalpoe brothers, Deepak and Satish. Joran van der Sloot will be detained for up to another 60 days.

A judge has ordered the release of two of the three suspects being held in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba, court officials said Monday.

Through their mothers, the three say this is what happened:

The Kalpoes' mother has said one of her sons admitted lying to protect Van Der Sloot and said he and his brother took the Dutch youth and Holloway to a beach and dropped them off.

Anita Van Der Sloot also has said her son changed his story and admitted being alone with Holloway on the beach, saying he then left her because she wanted to stay there.

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