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How to Identify and Address Potential Mental Health Risks

In 2009, I supported Richard Aborn for District Attorney of Manhattan. I liked most of his stated policies (except the ones on gun control) and wrote about them often. Aborn lost to Richard Vance.

In the light of Jared Loughner, who while not a teenager, is still quite young, I started thinking about Richard's policies, which laid out concrete solutions that well could make a difference.

Again, I am not one of those calling for a gentler political discourse as I think the topic had little to do with Loughner's actions. I think his slide into mental impairment holds the key. The question becomes, since we know he's not the only unbalanced, unhinged, mentally impaired young person out there, how do we spot the next one and what do we do to turn him around?

This paper by Richard presents some excellent suggestions. I urge you to read it: BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE: A NEW STRATEGY FOR PREVENTING JUVENILE CRIME: [More...]

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Manhattan DA Primary Tomorrow: Vote for Richard Aborn

Bump And Update: If you live in Manhattan, don't forget to vote tomorrow in the District Attorney's race. Richard Aborn is the candidate who will bring the office into a new era in which the criminal justice system relies less on incarceration and more on prevention and intervention, revamp juvenile justice policies, actively work to reduce racial disparities in the system and provide greater protections against wrongful convictions. He's got great, solid plans, see below. Good luck, Richard!


Original Post 9/11/09

The Manhattan District Attorney's race is down to the final week of campaigning. The primary will be held September 15. Since all three candidates are Democrats, the primary winner will get the job.

I'm supporting Richard Aborn. You can read why in my extensive interview of him. [More...]

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Richard Aborn Gaining Steam in NY DA's Race

A few weeks ago, I published my interview with Richard Aborn, one of the three Democratic candidates to succeed outgoing Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau. No Republicans are running, so whoever wins the September 15 primary will win the job.

I praised Aborn's mostly progressive agenda and his unique perspective on using the DA's office to do more than get convictions and lock people up.

The New York Times today profiles Aborn and says he's gaining steam: [More...]

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Richard Aborn: A Progressive Running for Manhattan District Attorney

For the first time in 34 years, Manhattan will elect a new District Attorney. For decades, the office has been run by District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who at 90, is stepping down. There are three Democrats competing to replace him in a primary that will be held September 15. With no Republicans running, the winner of the primary will get the job. The candidates are: Richard Aborn, Cyrus Vance and Leslie Crocker Snyder, each of whom worked as prosecutors in Morgenthau’s office for varying periods of time.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is huge. It prosecutes 100,000 cases a year. It employs 500 Assistant District Attorneys and 700 staff members. [More...]

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Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

We've got lots of posts up today but it seems everyone still wants to talk about Gates. There's many more important things going on in my opinion, but here's an open thread if you want to keep discussing it -- or anything else we haven't covered today.

There's new details on Karl Rove and investigation into the firing of U.S. Attorneys.

I'm going to be interviewing Manhattan District Attorney candidate Richard Aborn on Monday. Here is his stand on issues. If you have suggestions for questions I should ask him, let me know in comments. I like that his stance against our current drug policies include rehabilitation for both first and second time offenders: [more...]

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