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Miami 7 Terror Suspect Claims Setup

Criminal defense lawyers aren't thrilled when their clients decide to contact the media on their own. But that's what Miami 7 terror suspect Narseal Batiste has done. In a 25 page letter, he asserts his innocence and laments a frame-up.

"I want you to know that I never had any intentions of doing a terrorist act," Batiste now says in his letter. "My group and I never had reason to harm anyone."

Batiste writes the FBI put drugs in food he and co-defendants Patrick Abraham were served by the FBI informant the night a surveillance tape was shot, on which Batiste talks about blowing up the Sears Tower. He wrote that he’s simply telling the informant what he wanted to hear, just so he could get money from him for their church.

"That's why you see me playing with tissue boxes talking about blowing up the Sears Tower. I made it up right then and there," he wrote.

Background here.

[hat tip SD Florida Blog]

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