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Hillary Wins South Dakota

Update: Fox News calls South Dakota for Hillary. She won it big -- by 12 points.

Polls are closed in South Dakota. Hillary is leading Obama. It looks like she will take the state.

What did it for her? Older voters, women voters and rural voters.

I'll be following the election returns here.

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South Dakota Exit Polls

Update: Fox exit polls are here.

65 percent of seniors, 57 percent of women, 61 percent of those making less than $50,000 a year and 56 percent of rural voters.

Obama is doing better in Montana.

In Montana, Obama is winning all of his usual voting blocs, and some of Clinton’s. He is winning with women, lower income voters, gun owners and rural voters.

But seniors in MT voted for Hillary by a very large margin.

Update: Fox Exit Polls: Hillary's lead is from women over 60. I guess that means Hillary has won South Dakota. Other results: Obama's church hurt him. It also says on Montana, that Obama's lead is from men. [More...]

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Preview of South Dakota Primary


At an appearance in Sioux Falls Monday night, Hillary Clinton said she is getting ready to begin the next phase of her campaign -- convincing superdelegates that she is more electable in November and better able to lead the country as President. This was her 5th visit to the state.

Clinton hinted that she isn’t ready to abandon her campaign, even though Sen. Barack Obama leads her in delegates. Clinton has no chance of making up her deficit in the remaining contests.

But Clinton and her supporters will make the case to superdelegates that her lead in the popular vote, and her wins in several key states, make her the strongest candidate. “We have a very strong case to make that I am in the best position to take back the White House,” she said.

From a briefing book (pdf) prepared for the primary on South Dakota: [More...]

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S.D. Argus Leader Endorses Hillary Clinton

The South Dakota Argus Leader has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the state's June 3 primary. Its reasons:

Clinton is the strongest Democratic candidate for South Dakota. Her mastery of complex policy detail is broad and deep, and her experience as a senator and former first lady matches that.

Measured against her opponent, Clinton is philosophically more moderate. That is likely a good thing for South Dakota.

....Clinton has demonstrated a real commitment to Native American issues and will have visited several South Dakota reservations before the race is over. Clinton is precisely correct when she says that people outside the region have a poor understanding of the troubling trends on our reservations. Federal attention could help. That includes but is not limited to higher-ranking posts in the federal bureaucracy.


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