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Waterproof Socks as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Syed Hashmi is an American citizen who has been held in an extremely restricted form of solitary confinement in a federal prison in New York for more than two years for providing "miltary equipment" to al Qaeda in Pakistan.

MSNBC was all over this story way back in 2006, when Mr. Hashmi was arrested in London...

U.S. officials say the military gear was intended to support al-Qaida's jihad activities overseas, especially in Afghanistan, where it could be used against U.S. soldiers.

Lots of information was apparently leaked to NBC "terrorism expert" Michael Sheehan...

"Hashmi was a jihadi. He was interested in fighting jihad in Pakistan," says Michael Sheehan, a terrorism expert and NBC News analyst. "He had connections to serious terrorists in the U.K. He was an American citizen, a very troublesome character, and we're glad that he's been picked up."

But not even the mysteriously well-informed Mr. Sheehan seemed to know exactly what kind of "miltary equipment" Syed Hashmi had provided to al Qaeda in Pakistan.

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