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ACLU Protests Degrading Body Cavity Searches of CO Women Inmates

Really outrageous that this is happening in Denver. Meet the "labia lift" -- It's like a strip search times 10, read the details. Thanks to the ACLU for protesting and bringing it to light. Their letter is here. It begins:

We write in response to a new and degrading type of body cavity search practiced at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF). DWCF prisoners – who already submit to strip searches on a routine basis – now must hold open their labia as correctional officers, sometimes using a flashlight, sometimes positioning their faces only inches away from a prisoner’s genitals, conduct an inspection. Reports even indicate that some prisoners have been forced to pull back the skin of their clitorises. These searches occur even when the guards have no particularized reason to suspect concealment of contraband – correctional officers search prisoners’ body cavities on a frequent basis, after work assignments and visits from friends and family. Guards have threatened prisoners who resist with pepper spray.

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