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Report: "Deem and Pass" Dead, Will Be Separate Vote on Senate Bill

Via TNR's Jonathan Cohn at Twitter:

No deem and pass. Separate vote on Senate bill.

How out to lunch are the protesters? From a few hours ago, via Cohn:

Rally speaker just attacked Obama obesity initiative: "Michelle, keep your hands off my kids' lunchbox"

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Obama Executive Order Preventing Abortion Funding May Sub for Stupak

A new deal seems to be in the works on abortion and the health care bill. It's mostly on Twitter. Seems President Obama is considering issuing an executive order to prevent funding of abortions -- rather than including it in the bill.

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) says acceptance depends on the details. Evan Glass at CNN reports "Pro-choice Dem women are giving the green light for Obama to sign an executive order reaffirming no fed $ for abortion"

So what's the executive order going to say? According to Glass, "Democrats are 7 "no" votes shy of the 216 needed to defeat the bill." Meaning they only can afford to lose 7 votes?

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Some Key Points in President Obama's Health Care Proposal

The White House has released President Obama's proposed health care plan. Big Tent Democrat has the White House recap and some preliminary thoughts. I add mine below, from the various pages of the White House release.

The President’s Proposal builds off of the legislation that passed the Senate and improves on it by bridging key differences between the House and the Senate as well as by incorporating Republican provisions that strengthen the proposal.

The overview says it changes the Senate-passed bill and "reflects policies from the House-passed bill and the President’s priorities." Among the key changes it touts: It ends discrimination on pre-existing conditions and closes the Medicare "donut hole" gap in coverage. It increases the excise tax threshhold "from $23,000 for a family plan to $27,500 and starting it in 2018 for all plans." For singles, it is $10,500. (Why are singles always discriminated against?) [More...]

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Final Health Care Bill Will Be Online 72 Hours Before Vote

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Hoyer, the final health reform bill will be online for 72 hours before the House vote so Members and Americans can review.

You can follow the twitter feed of the Official House twitter account for the bill for updates.

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