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iPhones Provide a Wealth of Information to Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is all excited about the popularlity of the iPhone. Why? It provides them with enhanced snooping abilities.

Law-enforcement experts said iPhone technology records a wealth of information that can be tapped more easily than BlackBerry and Android devices to help police learn where you've been, what you were doing there and whether you've got something to hide.

A former hacker, Jonathan Zdziarski, wrote a book on the iPhone's forensics, and cops now hire him to teach them how to retrieve hidden and deleted information. Some examples below: [More...]

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AT&T Suspends iPhone Sales, Demand Overwhelming

iPhone lovers had a bad day yesterday trying to pre-order the iPhone 4. Especially on AT&T's website where security was breached. Lack of adequate testing of its pre-order system may be the cause.

After resorting to pen and paper orders, today AT&T announced it was suspending online pre-orders. Apple's website had problems too. And it has now pushed back delivery date to July 2.

For Applephobes, don't despair. A new Droid phone is due June 23 -- Verizon and Motorola will have it.

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Popular iPhone and iPod Touch Add-Ons

I still haven't gotten my iPhone. Apple stores have been sold out since Friday and I got mad at AT&T when it didn't come through with my phone 7 days after I paid for it so I canceled the order. The current shortage may last a month:

Apple stores are reporting serious shortages of the device, an inventory slip-up that might last for a month, Computerworld reported. Barely a quarter of Apple's retail stores have iPhones to sell, but only nine stores have all three versions available. Only 18 stores currently have the 16 gigabit black model in stock and 26 stores have the white model with the same storage capacity. AT&T is also reporting a severe shortage with all 1,200 retail stores nearly out of the iPhone altogether.

But, I did get a gift of a brand new iPod touch. It's the latest iPod and has a much bigger video screen, wifi, internet and e-mail and all the calendar, contacts, etc features. The only thing it doesn't have is the phone. (And, you need to be able to connect to a wi-fi network.) [More...]

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Who Got an iPhone Today?

I stopped in at the Apple store around 12:45 pm today. There were over 100 people in line. Those just getting in the store had been in line since 8:30 am. They weren't giving out numbers (so I could get a number, go to the jail and return afterwards) so I left. They did say they had plenty and would not run out.

On my way back from the jail around 3:30 pm, I stopped at the AT&T store. There was no line. They also had no more iPhones. They were expecting 70 more tomorrow. 70? That's a joke. [More...]

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