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British Hearings Underway: Murdochs to Appear

All eyes are on British Parliament today where hearings are underway in the News Corp phone hacking scandal. Newly resigned Scotland Yard Chief is being questioned, to be followed later this morning by Rupert Murdoch and his son James, and Rebekkah Brooks.

You can watch live here, or follow the Times' live updates here. All of our major cable news stations will carry Murdochs' questioning live, and when the second committee starts questioning the Murdochs and Brooks, the session is to be online here.

CNN yesterday unveiled live feeds of its tv programming for smartphones. If you have a home cable package that gets CNN, it's free. It took me only 3 minutes to set up yesterday on my iPad and the picture is great.

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Scotland Yard Chief Resigns

Scotland Yard Chief Paul Stephenson's resignation statement, via the New York Times, as a result of the phone hacking scandal. Earlier today, Rebekkah Brooks was arrested when she showed up at police headquarters, thinking she was just going to answer questions.

Via the Daily Beast, The Man Who Busted Murdoch (Nick Davies.)

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