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Hillary's War Vote: She Knew - Then & Now

Why does Hillary cling to the transparent excuse that she would have voted differently had she known then what she knows now? And, why, as kos noted, is Hillary using a pig-headed strategy so reminiscent of Bush's? Maybe because the information known prior to voting "yes" provided the same reasons to say "no" as the information known now. Maybe because Hillary revealed in a candid interview that her "yes" vote reflected a state of mind shared by many Americans, but not conducive to one seeking to be commander-in-chief.

While many Americans are angry that Bush duped them into supporting this war, lawmakers have an oversight duty to question and challenge the Executive Branch on such grave issues as war. And that duty is triggered when the MSM publish credible data that contradict or undermine Bush's prewar claims.

Hillary needs to admit that her vote to authorize force in 2002 was not just a mistake but wrong because she should have voted "no" based on what she knew then.

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