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Republican Convention Open Thread

Here's an open thread for comments related to the Republican National Convention.

It also gives me another excuse to remind commenters that this site supports the Democratic ticket and comments expressing support for McCain/Palin or opposition to Obama/Biden are limited to four per 24 hour period. Our comment rules are here.

Also, personal attacks (and unsubstantiated rumors of a personal nature) on any of the candidates or other commenters or the authors of this site are not allowed period.

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McCain May Postpone Republican Convention

Politico reports John McCain may postpone the Republican National Convention. Daily Kos says it's a good idea.

Update: Five questions Gov. Sarah Palin needs to get ready to answer, from her financial disclosures to her passport.

Update: Marcy weighs in on Palin. Humorist Mad Kane writes a limmerick, Sarah Who?

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